Clean Ecology Service Agreement

Terms and Conditions

By accepting the services of Clean Ecology, you (the client) are bound by the following Terms and Conditions. Please take some time to review this agreement.

Utilisation of our cleaning services constitutes your acceptance of these Terms and Agreement.

  1. Clean Ecology will provide residential and commercial cleaning services as agreed between us and you at the time of booking. Details on our standard flat rate cleaning services can be found on our website at

  2. We will provide all necessary equipment and cleaning products.

  3. Any changes to the service must be agreed prior to the next service.  You need to request such changes directly using the online contact form, or via email to

  4. You need to inform us of any incident where an accident, breakage, damage to property or theft occurred due to any act of our cleaner within 24 hours. We are unable to assume any liability for damages due to pictures not hung securely, items with unstable bases, floating shelves and to items not secured properly. To the extent permitted by law, you are not entitled to any loss for any incident if it is not reported to us in writing within 24 hours of completion of the service.

  5. Clean Ecology has Work Health and Safety procedures in place to protect our cleaners.  As a customer, you are responsible to provide a safe and healthy work environment at the premises on the day of service. Our cleaners are instructed to not to enter an environment if it is unsafe. Our cleaners are instructed not to climb or stand on ladders, stools, or any other objects. However, they may use two bottom rung step leaders as long it is safe to do so.  If you require additional tasks e.g., cleaning behind, under and sides of fridges, washing machines, couches, or any other heavy items; you will need to arrange for moving items prior to cleaning.  Clean Ecology will not be held responsible for damage to floors, including polished timber floors caused by the moving of furniture for the purpose of cleaning.  You will also need to advise us of any known hazards, slippery surfaces, risks, or dangers at the premises prior to the service.  If our cleaners are unable to clean some or all parts of your home due to this, we will let you know.  You may not be eligible for a refund in the event you fail to provide a safe working environment for our cleaner.

  6. A fee may be applied (equivalent to 50 % of the cleaning fee or $50, whichever is more) in the event of cleaner not able to gain access to the property: e.g., forgotten to leave the key, a locked gate or any other reason which might prevent our cleaner gaining access to the property.  A 24-hour notice of cancellation of service is required; otherwise, the same fee may be charged.

  7. While we make every effort to accommodate your chosen time, In the event we are unable to provide the service at the time chosen in the online booking form for any reason, we will provide 24 hours’ notice and offer to schedule at a time mutually agreed between you and Clean Ecology.  In the event we do not arrive within 30 minutes of your scheduled service time on the day of your service without prior communications, we will arrange a refund of any payments made and offer to reschedule the cleaning service at a time mutually agreed between you and Clean Ecology. 

  8. If you are not satisfied our cleaning has been completed according to the checklist we provide, we may at our discretion come back and clean those items for free, at a time mutually agreed, provided that clause 5 in these terms and conditions has been met by you, and you let us know in writing within 24 hours of the service being completed.

  9. Public and Product liability insurance excludes any loss of cash and jewellery. Clean Ecology will use our insurance company to undertake any actions as a result of any notification.

  10. Clean Ecology reserves right to raise prices at any time, clients will be provided updates in advance should prices change.  Pricing estimates for our services are displayed on our website  

  11. Our fixed rate services are results based cleans and are not charged based on time like our hourly rate service.  We’ll perform the checklist of tasks for the service you have booked plus any add-ons you have requested until all items have been cleaned to our high standard. We do not set fixed time limits on these services, but we do provide an estimate to your cleaner based on your selection.   Our Fair Go policy states that when cleaning takes longer than our estimate expects, we will clean for up to 1 hour longer than our estimated time, but if a property requires more time to clean to our high standard then extra fees may apply. You will always be notified prior to making any changes so you can confirm any extra charges before proceeding.

  12. For once-off cleaning, payment details are collected at the time of booking and payment to be deducted at the time of booking.

  13. Customers with regular, recurring appointments may choose to pay via direct transfer. We will issue an invoice for each service with payment due no later than 7 days after the service has been provided. We reserve the right to charge a late fee of $5 per day for any late payments.

  14. You also agree to indemnify Clean Ecology for all legal costs (on a solicitor and own client or full indemnity basis, whichever is greater) and other expenses incurred by Clean Ecology in connection with a demand, action or other proceedings (including mediation, out of court settlement or other actions taken for recovery of debts from the customer) arising out of breach of terms including the failure by the client to pay an amount by the due date.



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